Graceland Reward Points:

We appreciate your support in our growing business and for every purchase made you will receive a reward point in return to put towards your next purchase.

Reward Points are only valid for 12months (from date of accrual) and you are limited to a maximum of 2000 points spent per transaction.

Cropping of Square Prints to Order

All 1.5×1.5 and 2×2 square crops require a 1:1 ratio, therefore a partial crop will not include much of the design in print, this is to avoid unrealistic print results. Your design will be cropped in a square from the original source file as seen online, to suit your order accordingly. Please reach out to our Customer Happiness Team via if you require a personalised mock-up. For additional artwork design support, to adjust your file format, a further GBP5 is applicable, and payable prior to print production.

Standard Cropping of non-square Prints:

All web-based sample images supplied online, is a digital representation of the source file and may vary in print due to cropping elements to print. All prints are cropped to fit our standard bleed area. Thereby a portion of the design in print will be cropped to suit The Fabric Frame Solution by Graceland Designs® Sleeve as the fabric choice needs to be tucked into the frame for the perfect tension. The elements cropped is not naturally photographed and does not affect the appeal of the design in question.

Stain Resistance Facts:

The Fabric Frame Solution by Graceland Designs® Sleeves are stain resistant – not stain proof – and have been designed to chemically resist being stained or marked by cake-based by-products excluding vegetable shortening. The Fabric Frame Solution by Graceland Designs® Sleeves have not been tested to resist the contents of cuisine options including and not limited to spaghetti, pizza, paint, or any other popular birthday themes not listed herein.

A common by-product used in cakes is called “vegetable shortening” (Crisco) which is common cooking fat (100% fat and flavourless) and chemically transformed into a solid. This form of by product is impossible to remove from almost any fabric choice and most definitely not suitable for little people. The Fabric Frame Solution by Graceland Designs® Sleeves are sold and advertised as stain resistant. It is our customers responsibility to ensure the cakes used during sessions are “vegetable shortening” free.

Turn Around Service

All sales are final. All sales are printed, manufactured, and processed to order, and takes around 2-3weeks to print and process. Shipping is not included in this turn around period. PLEASE DO NOT PURCHASE A BACKDROP FOR A PARTICULAR SESSION. Graceland Designs® rely on third party contractors, and we may experience unforeseen delays, which is out of our control.


We do not guarantee delivery dates!!

Graceland Designs® is not responsible for delays due to technical, or human errors, or in the event of a natural disaster. During sales, and or promotions, you can expect a further 7-day delay, on our turn around due to volume. Please plan and prepare your backdrops in advance to avoid disappointment.

Welcome to 2022 – where anything can happen!

Prior to Check out and payment, please do the following:

Review your cart and order to ensure you have selected:

  1. The correct size (have you measured your studio to ensure it fits?)
  2. The correct design(s)
  3. The correct fabric

Graceland Designs® is not responsible for incorrect sizes, fabric choices or designs ordered, as each order is custom printed to suit your needs. We do not offer a restocking service. Graceland Designs® do not except exchanges if you have changed your mind.

Graceland Designs® cannot add new orders to existing pending orders and cannot combine shipping. All orders are processed individually daily and processed individually per cart collection. Graceland Designs® do not allow adjustments, cancellations, or combinations, after an order has been processed.

Misprints, Defects and Incorrect Designs Received. Yes! Human error is natural, and we are all humans at Graceland Designs®, and make mistakes!

Therefore, we recommend reviewing your delivery as soon as it arrives, and if your product is damaged, misprinted or if we have shipped the incorrect design in error. Please contact us via email on support@gracelanddesigns.zendesk.comwith images for review (see criteria below) within 7 days of receiving your order, OR YOUR SALE WILL REMAIN FINAL.

Graceland Designs® will send a replacement (if required) and ask that you return your original order (Graceland Designs® will reimburse the return postage on a case-by-case scenario).

What is a defected print?

  1. A defected print has a scratch or hole in the fabric, or neoprene mat
  2. A defected print is when the silicone stitching has failed

But what if I have a mark on my fabric on arrival? Is this considered a damaged print? No, not necessarily! Simply place your backdrop in the wash, on a normal warm machine cycle, and you will find the mark is removed. The busy production line, and our procurement tables, are high traffic areas. It is possible for a small mark transfer on occasion.

How to submit your concern for customer care support?

  1. Via
  2. Images must include the following:
    1. Images must be taken with your DSLR or mirrorless camera (we do not accept phone photos, due to automatic saturation and contrast applied by mobile devices).
    2. Show your entire fabric frame in view (so a proper pullback of your fabric frame).
    3. Backdrops must be photographed with artificial, continuous or strobe light (or natural as you normally would shoot).
  3. Please include your order number and location.
  4. Please remember, Head Quarters is based in Queensland Australia, and there might be a possible delay in response due to time zones. We appreciate your patience!
  5. All emails are responded to within 48hours – Monday to Friday and excluding weekends and Public Holidays.

The Fabric Frame Corners:

The Fabric Frame by Graceland Designs® is cut with precision, on a solid angled corner, to ensure your sleeves slip in with ease, and allows for a perfect alignment. This means you may have sharp corners in the delivery, waiting to be assembled. PLEASE HANDLE WITH CARE!! We also recommend you protect the corners of your frame from tiny feet with “rubber silicone corner protectors”. You can find these corner protectors, at your local hardware or baby accessory shop. Graceland Designs® is not liable for any injury caused during unboxing, or during use with a customer.

Our Print Production:

Although we highly pride ourselves in the quality of our print products, printing conditions may vary during manufacturing, due to various technical factors and fabric choices. Designs may vary from the colour on your screen, and slight colour variations are not eligible for returns.

Colour Variations: Did you know our design prints will differ in colour, tone and saturation if printed to different fabric? For example, a “Williams” neoprene rubber floor mat will have a different colour profile, saturation and tone versus “Williams” sleeve insert. THEREFORE, PLEASE DO NOT ATTEMPT TO MATCH DESIGNS IN DIFFERENT FABRICS – THEY WILL NOT MATCH!

PLEASE NOTE. Any identical design (printed on the same fabric) ordered and produced during a different print run, will also differ in colour, tone, and saturation. If you wish to have the same design with the same tones, saturation, and colour then you must order during the same print run.

Graceland Designs® will not be held accountable for any difference in tones, colours, or saturation if the above is not met.

Images seen online by other photographers, are edited to each photographers own unique style. The images we post on social media and our website, is to provide you with a general idea of what the design will look like in studio. Images will vary due to the photographer’s lighting and editing techniques.

Custom Designs supplied by third parties MUST be presented in PDF format in the CMYK print profile. Failure to provide the requested format will result in a misprint. We do not hold responsibility to ensure the file format is correct when uploading to print as our printing processes are automatic.

Graceland Designs® and the lighter coloured backdrops – including white and grey designs as seen online:

Graceland Designs® uses a Dye Sublimation process to print graphics to fabric. This is a toughened print technique using GAS (not ink) to ensure your print is EVERLASTING, and it also ensures that the design DOES NOT FADE AND IS STAIN RESISTANT*. The Dye Sublimation process means we use CMYK to combine a colour profile to print the backdrop. One simply cannot obtain white gas, so we must create white by using the 4 fundamentals (Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Key). ANY white backdrop supplied by Graceland Designs® will not be pure white. Your backdrop may appear grey or blue or magenta to the naked eye and requires extra attention to correct in camera. Graceland Designs® do not use laser ink or jet printers, nor does Graceland Designs® print to paper, vinyl or canvas which comprises of an ink applied transfer. If you are not comfortable with the extra legwork involved, to ensure your backdrops are pure white, then please purchase your lighter whiter backdrops, from a non-dye sublimation vendor.

Step 1

Assemble your backdrop and extend the fabric and stretch it perfectly tight as per normal function OR roll your neoprene out for use.

Step 2

Ensure you have sufficient light hitting your backdrop.

Step 3

Take an image of your backdrop (on automatic white balance) and review the Kelvin settings. Switch your white balance over to Kelvin Custom White Balance and enter these white balance settings. Now, adjust to suit your shooting style.

For the more advanced mirrorless and DSLR camera versions, you can further adjust your white balance by exploring the “White Balance Bracketing”. Google will be your friend!

Step 4

Lightroom and Camera RAW will assist in advance settings, for those who wish to extend their settings due to subjects in camera.

Any white backdrop, from any other vendor that photographs pure white, is printed using non-dye sublimation processes on vinyl or paper or canvas. Different printing techniques for different vendors. We are Graceland Designs®, we are different, with unique printing techniques for stain resistant and toughened results.

Sourcing of materials, and the ongoing availability of our current existing fabrics:

Graceland Designs® base fabrics are ever changing, and it is not possible to source identical fabrics in perpetuity. The reason for this is simple:

A global pandemic, has seen suppliers short of resources, meaning solvents and fibres are adjusted to meet supply and demand! Therefore, you will find, that some fabrics are less stretchy than others, OR you might find that some fabrics are tighter to insert than others, OR vice versa. If the product produces a wrinkle free and stain resistant** display, then our commitment is met with confidence.

Graceland Designs®, reserve the right to make necessary changes, to base fabrics, provided that the product concept is in line with our assurance.

Customs & Vat Surcharges

Your country’s de minimis value will determine if local custom officers apply any duty or tax on your shipment – this is completely out of our control, and no set value is obtainable, on your behalf. Duties and VAT are calculated as a percentage of the customs value of the goods (item + insurance + shipping). Any duties and taxes on your international shipment, will be billed directly to you by the global carrier. Please contact your local post office, to determine if your country is eligible. The Perfect Posie® is sold prefilled, and ships exclusively from Australia – you may be eligible for customs and import vat, and Graceland Designs® is not responsible for this fee.

Discount Codes

Graceland Designs® do not offer any discount codes, for first time or bulk orders. Graceland Designs® have small mouths to feed too.

Our Office Hours

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm. Graceland Designs® is based in Queensland Australia, therefore please be considered of time zones.

Customer Service Care

We do not accept any Customer Care correspondence via the Facebook Group, Private Messenger, WhatsApp, text messages or Instagram.

Please contact our Customer Service Support Team on, and we will return your email within 48hours, Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm (excluding weekends and public holidays).

Delivered Items Not Received – Courier Negligence

In the event of an item showing successfully delivered with signature, to the nominated address (as provided by the purchaser upon check out) and the item is missing or misplaced, then Graceland Designs® will lodge a claim/investigation with the courier in question. This process may take up to 6weeks and Graceland Designs® will investigate any claims of missing or incorrect parcels with due diligence. No refunds will be issued in this case as the error is not at fault of Graceland Designs®. Reprints will be issued once the claim/investigation is complete.

Copyright Information

All our backdrops/designs are copyrighted under Graceland Designs®. Our backdrops/designs may not be duplicated, used in digital backdrops, or copied in any form, without written consent from Graceland Designs®. If you decide to do so, legal action will be taken.

This website and its content are copyright of ©Graceland Designs®, International Photography CO PTY LTD. All rights reserved. By purchasing or acquiring this product (as well as contest winners, tester, samples), you are agreeing to abide by the Terms of Use. Any redistribution or reproduction of part or all the contents in any form is prohibited. Selling images using Graceland Designs® International Photography CO PTY LTD or ANY elements within the designs, in any other format (such as templates, websites, brochures, or as a digital backdrops) is prohibited. Any re-purposing or redistribution is illegal and is subject to prosecution. You may not distribute, rent/lease or commercially exploit the content in any manner, nor may you transmit it or store electronic copies of the artwork or store it on any other website or other form of electronic retrieval system, whatsoever, without expressed written permission of Graceland Designs® International Photography CO PTY LTD. Your individual custom print is permitted to be re-sold in full to a new owner, given away, or destroyed. All copyrights and trademarks of any character, symbol, or brand, used belong to their respective owners. The items are not a licensed product and Graceland Designs® International Photography CO PTY LTD does not claim ownership over the characters used in the designs and is not affiliated and does not endorse the respective owners.

Your Attitude, Our Team

And lastly, the Graceland Designs® Team are here to help, and we would appreciate it, if you treat our Customer Care Team with mutual respect and curtesy. We will not tolerate any abusive, threatening, or patronising behaviour. Failure to do so, will result in refusal of ongoing business exchanges, and/or cancellation of your order.

*Fabric Frame Sleeve concept only – do not use neoprene mats for cake smashes.

** Please follow care instructions to avoid staining your sleeves