Rubber Neoprene Mats

Roll it…fold it…pop it in the wash!

Presenting the heavy duty 4.5kg 3mm thick 1.4mx2m neoprene rubber mats are printed to the edge with rounded corners. Neoprene mats are perfectly flat, durable, light and easy to transport. Roll it out and start shooting! The dye sublimation process we use is a specialist technique, bonding the high quality ink to the soft lint-like white jersey top coat, creating an everlasting print and product that will last you your entire photography career.

We offer a variety of options when it comes to our Neoprene Rubber Mats…all mats are 100% customised – you choose any design in any format.

👉 Full size mats – one design printed to one mat

👉 Half ’n Half® – two designs printed to one mat

👉 TIO® aka 3inONE – three designs printed to one mat

👉 FIO® aka 4inONE – four designs printed to one mat


* hot washing machine was AND vacuum welcome (no damage to your investment guaranteed!)
* driveway with soft broom and laundry detergent if your washing machine is not big enough
* use of hot water will not damage the product or print

Half ’n Half® Neoprene Mat

two designs

3inONE TIO® Neoprene Mat

three designs

4inONE FIO® Neoprene Mat

four designs

Full Size Neoprene Mat

one design only